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We have removed ALL the planning, thinking and shopping hassles to growing at home! We’ll deliver you a turn-key growing solution that is designed to deliver the highest possible yield with the lowest level of maintenance.

  • A video to walk you through your kit unboxing and set up
  • A step-by-step walk through the entire growing process
  • Invitation to our Facebook Group, where tips are shared and questions can be answered
  • Limited time offer to get the extremely high-end soil replacements as you start additional grows

Complete Cannabis

Grow Tent Packages

Complete Cannabis Grow Tent Package For 10 to 12 Plants

This is our largest cannabis grow tent package. Usually those that have the time and already have the knowledge to handle a big grow can handle this grow tent package. Make sure you check your state’s requirements, so you don’t grow more cannabis plants then you are allowed to. With a large grow, you can actually grow several different cannabis strains, therefore have more of a variety of bud. 


Deluxe (No Tent) Cannabis Grow Kit 

This grow kit is for those that don’t want to use the tent method, as they have a room or area picked out for their grow. 


Complete Cannabis Grow Tent Package For 4 to 6 Plants

This is the perfect grow tent package for the majority of the people. Not too small and not too big. Just the perfect amount of cannabis plants to handle. Some people don’t have the time to handle a big grow. Growing 4 to 6 plants is within most state requirements and you can harvest about 4 times a year. Therefore, you will always have a supply of good bud to smoke.


Complete Cannabis Grow Tent Package For 1 to 3 Plants

This is the perfect cannabis grow tent package for beginners. For those that have never grown cannabis before, but want to learn. As it is easier to handle a couple of plants, compared to a larger grow. If you make a mistake, losing a couple of plants compared to a large number isn’t that bad.



Why Should I Use A Grow Tent?

The answer is why not? A grow tent offers several advantages, compared to not using one. They are energy efficient, helps reduce odors, eliminate pest infestation, best use of lighting, grow all year-round, use of space, climate control, easy to set up and it’s a complete system. A grow tent will maximise the quality and yield of your harvest, as it helps you to closely control the growing process 100%.

Our Trusted Vendors:

Complete Automated Grow System

Seedo      $3,000      $2,400

Auto Home Grow Device

                          Pay $499 now
               the balance upon delivery
  • FREE full growing kit with every purchase
  •  Estimated delivery October 2019
  •  Shipping & taxes may apply
Package includes:
  •  Air filter
  •  Pack of 2 CO2 cylinders
  •  Android and IOS Mobile app
  •  2 nutrients containers
  •  Growing slab for up to 5 plants
  •  Water filter

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